An Epic Life begins with an 

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Art Director

Adventure Four

  • Evaluated the nature of thought.

  • Make the invisible visible.

  • Find your intuition and passions.

Head of Sales

Adventure Five

  • abce

  • Identify personal cultural conditioning.

  • Articulate current personal narrative through ego patterns.

Art Director

Adventure One

  • Kickstart your Inner Odyssey.

  • Navigate the learning portal.

  • Introduce yourself.

Head of Sales

Adventure Two

  • Recognise your Inner voice.

  • Answer the call.

  • Prepare for your journey.

Product Manager

Adventure Three

  • Harness the power of questions & questioning.  

  • Formulate heart-centered questions.

Art Director

Adventure Seven

  • abcde

  • Delve further into your emotional intelligence.

  • learn how to use your soul as your compass.

Head of Sales

Adventure Eight

  • acbde

  • abcde

  • Set your intentions.

Art Director

Adventure Ten

  • Identify your WHY at different stages of life.

  • Articulate your PERSONAL and ALTRUISTIC whys.

Head of Sales

Adventure Eleven

  • abcde

  • Separation, competition, conflict & struggle.

  • Master the inner critic.

Product Manager

Adventure Twelve

  • Character & reviewing standards.

  • Adaptation.

  • Love your dragon.