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10 Life Hacks For An Amazing Quality Of Life

You can change your life for the better, and it starts with one small step at a time. In case you did not know this, your life is much more in your control than you might think.

Here are 10, instant and easy to implement life-hacks that can improve your quality of life and make it go from “blah” to amazing:

1. Count Your Blessings

Studies show that the practice of gratitude increases your happiness levels. An age-old Jewish practice is to give thanks to God 100 times a day. Regardless of your religious or spiritual affiliations, this is sound advice. Giving thanks makes you more optimistic and more content, the experts tell us.

2. Breathe Fresh Air Daily

Going for a walk in nature has been found in studies to help people de-stress, feel calmer and more at peace. Try to get out there for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, and ideally go every single day.

3. Laugh

Laughter feels great and it’s good for your health too. It has been shown in studies to boost your immunity by increasing your T-cells, it helps you release stress, and tension and it gives you a wonderful ab workout.

4. Smile

Even fake smiling is enough to trick your brain into acting like you are feeling the real thing. When you put your mouth into the position of a smile, the muscles in your face send messages to your brain telling it to get making happiness hormones… The message here is, “Fake it and you will make it”!

5. Give

Experts have found that people who are giving are more content and experience a greater sense of connectedness to others, a sense of belonging, and more fulfilment. Ways to give could be anything from supporting a friend by listening, volunteering, or fundraising.

6. Connect

Connecting with others helps us feel less alone. As social animals, we are programmed to belong to a community. Isolation is the kiss of death for most of us humans. Get out and circulate! Use your passions as the avenue to get you connected others: If you love being in nature, join a hiking club or a nature photography group, for example.

7. Meditate

Studies have shown that the art of meditation increases quality of life by improving your mood, decreasing blood pressure and helping you relax. It has also been shown to improve your sleep, combat stress and can even make you a kinder person (loving kindness or meta meditation helps with this).

8. Get Creative

Pursuing a creative hobby allows you to get into the “zone” or the “flow as psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says. Flow is where all sense of time disappears and you become completely present. This is a state of alertness and focused attention, which allows you to feel a sense of enjoyment.

9. Eat Well

You are what you eat. Add more leafy green vegetables into your diet and your quality of life will magically improve. Your digestive processes will function better and you will receive more nutrients into your body.

10. Learn To Let Go

Life is short, too short to get stressed over the small stuff. When something gets you down, consider how important this will seem five years from now. Is it worth getting upset over? Exercise your “letting go” muscles on a daily basis. You will be glad you did, when you find out that things just don’t ruffle your feathers anymore, as they once did.

Put the above life hacks into practice and you will be living on cloud 9.

Until next time... Many blessings.

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