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Are You Happy With Your Life?

There are only 24 hours in a day, and some of those hours we get to dedicate to the things that make us happy in life, while other hours may leave us miserable. While there will always be a mix of the two, there are too many people who are only just existing, rather than living. Rather than chasing dreams, they are simply accepting their circumstances.

While the thought of living happily or obtaining your dream life may seem ridiculous, there are people that manage it. Some people are in survival mode, living from paycheck to pay check, unable to consider dreams, hopes, or what a happy life may look like.

Everyone will have different dreams and goals, and all anyone really wants is the freedom to obtain them.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for you to be able to admit what you want out of your life. Everyone will have different dreams and goals, and all anyone really wants is the freedom to obtain them. We long for a life that we can live on our own terms, spending our time on what matters.

Are you happy with your life? Here are five signs that you’re not:

You Hate Your Job

If you are working a job that truly makes you miserable, it is going to have a knock-on effect to the rest of your life. It can increase your stress levels, and leave you feeling angry and resentful. It also forces you to spend time away from your family. We spend a lot of our time working, so we can’t really afford to hate our jobs so intensely. While we might not be living in the greatest economy, there are always opportunities to find jobs that will fulfil you.

You’re In A Toxic Relationship

While love can be an incredible feeling, it can also swing to the opposite extreme. It can be difficult to let go, even when you’re in a situation that you know is toxic. This is true of romantic relationships and platonic ones. If your relationship is fraught with fear, anger, and complacency then you should be moving on. You won’t find happiness if you’re floundering in a toxic relationship that is sapping you of all of your energy.

You Embrace The Negativity

Just like a toxic relationship, a negative attitude can derail all of your plans and progress. It often results in you starting to think your situation is good enough. That negativity isn’t necessarily just your own attitude; it could be other people, your environment, or even your habits. Take stock of your life and purge anything that is negative.

You Allow Fear To Take Control

We all struggle with self-belief, whether it’s because of a past failure or just our upbringing. We allow that fear in and it paralyzes us from taking action. If you’ve allowed fear to limit your life, it’s time to say enough!

You Avoid Difficult Decisions

It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll take care of something later, so that you don’t need to deal with it now. The issue there is that later never actually comes and you keep avoiding the difficult decisions. You’re not going to live forever, so now is the time for you to claim the life you want.

Making a change in your life starts with you, and it starts with your beliefs. If you believe that your life is hopeless and that you’re helpless then you will struggle to overcome your situation, and remain as you are. You will paralyze yourself from taking the necessary steps to lead a happy life.

Anything in life that is worth having will take hard work. It’s the journey that will make you grateful for what you have once you reach your destination. Life isn’t for settling, it’s for happiness and fulfilment.

Now, ask yourself- are you happy with your life?

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