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When Did Life Get So Boring, Anyway?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“Whatever you choose, do it with childlike enthusiasm”- Mehmet Oz

Enthusiasm Challenge: Day 1

One of the go-to references that encourages enthusiasm is to be more childlike. There’s something about being a child that left more room in life for awe and wonder.

Perhaps it was the expansion of the world and learning new things while experiencing the wonder of it all. It might have been the laser focus on what mattered most at the time without boundaries created by responsibility. If you loved to explore, you could. If you loved to read, you could. Whatever you loved there was plenty of time and resources to be wildly enthusiastic about it.

Getting older does have its advantages but there are drawbacks too. As more time goes by, more energy goes towards responsibilities and doing what has to be done rather than what we’d like to do with our time. In some ways, life loses its wonder and it can get a bit boring.

A lot of the time people don’t even realize they’ve lost their enthusiasm until they wake up one day and realize they can’t recall the last time they were excited about something. At some point along the way their enthusiasm diminished, and everything got dull. Now what?

First off, feeling unenthused is universal. Everyone gets bored with life from time to time. We’ve all heard about the mid-life crisis, right? Feeling bogged down and lacklustre is an indicator that life’s not being lived to its fullest and there’s room for more - much more. It’s just a matter of finding out what gets you revved up and balancing the things that get you excited with the things that are part of everyday life.

Life gets boring for a lot of reasons, but there are three main reasons why people lose their enthusiasm:

  • Their mindset shifts

  • Their health shifts

  • Their experiences shift

Any one of these reasons might be enough, but often times all three are combined and one influences the other. Taking a look at how our mindset, physical health, and personal experiences affect our enthusiasm can help restore and revive our joy for life.

When did life get so boring? Everyone is going to have their own tale to tell. One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Taking the time to evaluate where your mind’s at, how your health is, and what fun experiences you’ve been missing could be the key to reviving your enthusiasm.

Until Next Time, Many Blessings & Much Peace!

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