About Dr. Melissa A. Bordogna

From a young age, Melissa Bordogna has been fascinated with personal growth and the fulfillment of our individual potential by living consciously and cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves and others. 


Melissa is a strong believer that by gaining deeper insights into ourselves and improving the quality of our relationships, we are better able to pursue our individual and unique purpose for being--at this time and in this world.


The S.O.U.L3 approach can be boiled down to 3 outcomes moving you in the direction of your dreams and advancing your 'why': Clarity, Inspiration & Action.


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now residing in Australia, Melissa holds a doctorate in human communication studies from the University of Denver.  Being a bit of a polymath, Melissa has synthesised her experiences, over the last 22 years, as a human behaviour specialist, award-winning learning designer, educator, marketer, mediator, wife and mother of seven (7), to develop programs and frameworks for helping others consciously tap into their highest self in order to get clear, get inspired and take action to achieve their dreams and lead lives rich in meaning.