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Are you asking questions like...
  • Is this all there is to life?

  • How the heck did I get here?

  • I've achieved success so why am I not satisfied or fulfilled?

  • When is it my turn to live my dreams and put me first?

  • How do I get off this hamster wheel?

  • What am I going to do next?

Have you had thoughts like...
  • I can't keep doing what I'm doing but I don't know what I should do.

  • There is no way that I can keep living the same way for the next for 5, 10, 20+ years.

  • There must be something wrong with me that I am not satisfied with the good life that I've built.

  • Life is good, but it could be better, richer and with deeper connections to myself and others.

  • I know there is more to me, but I'm not sure how to tap into my potential.

Are you feeling...
  • Empty or hallow?

  • Fearful because life is passing you by?

  • Like something is missing?

  • Like you are racing against an imaginary ticking life-clock?

  • Sucked under or bored by the monotony life?

  • Unclear about what life direction you should take next?

  • Frustrated because you know there is something MORE but you are unsure how to move toward it?


I've been where you are right now.  I know the types of questions, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing as you enter the 'back-half' of life.  I also know the years I spent finding my way back to myself.


You are not alone in thinking and feeling this way.  And the best news is that it is NEVER too late to grow more fully into the person you know yourself to be and to start creating and living the life you that have imagined.

When I started the journey back to myself after spending years on the conventional path of striving for and achieving outward success, not to mention raising a family, I searched for the magic wand that would shift my life into more of what I craved.


BUT the truth is there is no quick fix.  Life is a process of becoming not changing.  So, as we decide whom we choose to be{come} consciously or unconsciously through our thoughts, words and actions, our life unfolds in response to those choices.

At some point, I could no longer hear my inner voice as it was being drowned out by my intellect and all the HAVE-TO-DOs, SHOULD-DOs, and imagined CAN'T-DOs.  So, after a great deal of wasted time venturing down metaphorical dead-end streets and falling into obvious, personal potholes, I decided to stop looking for the answers outside of myself.


Instead, I took all of my knowledge and understanding about human behaviour and communication, how people learn, positive psychology and ancient wisdom traditions and applied those tools and principals to myself.  You could say I traversed my own Inner Odyssey.   

Slowly, as I gained deeper insights into myself, my behaviours, values, lenses through which I perceived the world as well as my relationships, I was able to determine where I needed to grow and what ways of being were serving me or doing me a disservice.  As I chose whom I wanted to show up as or be{come} in this life, I began making decisions from that perspective and practised self-awareness and self-mastery.  If I can do this, so can YOU!

It is by digging deep and exploring ourselves that we can soar high to live lives full of rich connections and profound fulfilment.  It is through taking an Inner Odyssey that we can design an Epic Life.


If you CRAVE more,

an Epic Life begins with an... 

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Meet Melissa


Dr. Melissa A. Bordogna

From a young age, Melissa Bordogna has been fascinated with personal growth and the fulfilment of our individual potential by living consciously and cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves and others. 


Melissa is a strong believer that by gaining deeper insights into ourselves and improving the quality of our relationships, we are better able to pursue our individual and unique purpose for being--at this time and in this world.


The S.O.U.L3 approach can be boiled down to 3 outcomes moving you in the direction of your dreams and advancing your 'why': Clarity, Inspiration & Action.


Being a bit of a polymath, Melissa has synthesised her experiences, over the last 22 years, as a human behaviour specialist, multi-award-winning learning designer, educator, marketer, mediator, wife and mother of seven (7), to help others get clear, get inspired and take action to BE{come} who they MIGHT be, live their dreams and lead lives rich in meaning.

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