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Examine Your Life: Is Something Missing?

Given the incredibly fast-paced nature of the world we live in today, it is all too easy to fall into a daily routine that repeats itself on end. We are indoctrinated as little children to go to school, work hard and make a life for ourselves that involves little more than paying our bills and saving for retirement.

While all of these things are certainly worthwhile pursuits, they often result in far too many people living a life of constant emptiness and lack of passion.

The problem is, once we fall into this perpetual routines, we are never granted the time to sit back and actually reflect on where we are in life, where we are going and how we feel about this path. Chasing your passion is often perceived as an immature, irresponsible notion that is reserved for trust-fund babies and free-spirited nomads who don’t have the worries and responsibilities that the common person has.

This notion, however, is not the way you should feel about your longing for fulfilment and purpose. Sure, there are certain requirements in your life that you can’t just drop on a dime in order to pursue some crazy dream.

On the other hand, it is essential that you avoid getting so caught up in the things that don’t excite you or make you feel alive that you spend your entire life doing them. In case you were unaware, your time on this earth is relatively short.

Life is about more than just serving as a cog in the wheels of society, being a good citizen and dying.

When you look back on your life one day, which you will, are you really going to feel a rush of fulfilment in knowing that you paid your utility bill on time for fifty years without fail?

No matter who you are, there is something that makes you feel alive. This thing can look completely different from person to person, but we all have a dream, idea or goal that takes root in our mind and never leaves.

While this is a universal truth amongst human beings, actually going after it is very rarely pursued. If you have the persistent feeling that something is missing from your life, there is probably a very real reason for this notion. Wanting more out of your life is not the selfish, childish impulse that many people believe it to be.

Too many of us take this life far too seriously. We place a much higher emphasis on things that we perceive to be extremely important when in reality, most of these things will cease to exist the moment we are gone.

This is why it is crucial to identify what is missing from your personal life. Figuring out exactly what this missing piece looks like is something that you must do for yourself. Stop thinking about whether or not other people would think this thing is a worthwhile goal or foolish plan and start realizing that your outlook on life is equally unique and important.

In order to truly squeeze the most enjoyment and fulfilment out of the limited time you are given, you must stop living life on autopilot, in the robotic state that far too many individuals maintain on a constant basis. If there is a void in your life that is keeping you up at night and plaguing your mind with feelings of worthlessness and boredom, take action.

Life is about more than just serving as a cog in the wheels of society, being a good citizen and dying. If you feel a need for more, find what this “more” is for you as an individual and actually go after it.

Until next time, many blessings and much peace!

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