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Purpose Is Calling You

Purpose is calling! We may all have different views of the world and different beliefs based especially on what we have been exposed to as individuals. Some are confident that life will turn out just the way they plan to have it while others have lost hope in ever seeing a better life.

In some cases, it is so bad that others have given up on everything and are locking themselves up in a room waiting for death to arrive. Life challenges can indeed be so severe and the results may be devastating depending on the mental state the challenges are met with. Even so, we are all born with something within us which we are meant to use to contribute positively around us.

That purpose is calling means that your services are needed and require you to take action. It is calling us out of a life of laziness, self-doubt, procrastinating, and worthlessness. In other words, we are encouraged to stop what we are doing, if we are doing nothing, we need to stop doing nothing and do something about our lives.

Imagine if everyone else, policymakers, health service providers, or teachers woke up one day and decided they did not want to do any work anymore. Imagine if people who run orphanages, children’s homes, charities, and old people’s homes decided they wanted nothing to do with helping people anymore. Imagine if everywhere around the world people decided that they no longer wanted to go to school to study for some of these essential service professionals.

Who would take up the jobs when those who are currently serving get to the retirement stage? To bring it closer to home, what if the breadwinner says he or she is tired of taking care of everyone? The point is that for the world to be functional, collective, or individual effort is required from each of us.

If we looked deep inside us we would see that if we could attach some kind of value to our lives and put our skills and abilities to use, we would make a difference around us. One thing we also need to remember is that we do not have the same talents or abilities. However, none of our talents are bigger than others and none of them are of less importance or are worthless. Our diversity is what makes life beautiful and balanced.

For example, after a surgeon operates on a patient, the patient will need someone to take care of them until they fully recover, a family member or friend may help cover the expenses while a therapist may help the recovering patient get back to their feet again. People need grocery shops, cobblers, music, comedians etc. If all of us choose to do the same profession or follow the same route in living our purpose, one field would be flooded while there is a lack in some areas. There wouldn’t be anything to share about experiences and that would make a monotonous and consequently boring world.

Purpose calls us to find that one thing even if we are not sure whether we can do it right. Even if it looks like it is not or can never be enough to make an impact, someone out there needs it. The world is that ‘weird’ and accommodative. Getting up to do that one small thing maybe what you needed to get out of your comfort zone so that you can make more discoveries that can further reveal your purpose to you. Sometimes the underestimated steps are what we need to do to change our lives and the only thing required of us to be able to turn it into gold is our time, effort, and creativity.

Where it looks like we are not getting a chance to answer the call, we need to look all around us and search for clues or ways that can either prepare us for a chance at fulfilling our purpose or that can keep us busy to avoid losing ourselves or purpose. Internships, small projects, and voluntary work are examples of some of the things that we can do to contribute to the world around us and also to broaden our appreciation of life in general while we wait for a chance to continue our pursuit of what we feel can make our lives more meaningful.

Sometimes we think we have valid reasons for not answering the call to live our purpose. But, in reality, we can still find our purpose and live it no matter our circumstances. The fact that we exist where we are means that we can use whatever resources there are in that area to make an impact in the community and our homes. We also need to keep in mind the fact that living a purposeful life is not limited to only using skills that require training or literacy. Some people are good farmers and can change lives by setting aside a certain portion of their gains for the benefit of the elderly who cannot provide for themselves, for example. Some people are born with special gifts of understanding and problem-solving. These are gifts that can help improve relationships in our social spaces.

In a nutshell, when purpose calls we need to respond. It is often for our benefit and the benefit of others. We need to believe in ourselves and continue to give life our best even when we meet challenges or opposition.

Until next time, many blessings and much peace!

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